Feminist Payback from PureCFNM

Anti-porn campaigner Hannah Shaw is holding a television broadcast about the detrimental effects of porn when three glamour models walk into the studio. The girls have escorted a load of naked male performers with them and they then wank them all off to the point where they are going to cum. Take a look at the sample clip here to watch what happens when one by one the guys walk onto the set and ejaculate their man muck across Hannah’s hair and clothes. Semen is sliding down her perfectly prepared shiny hair and her top turns translucent from the soaking semen. She is appalled when she discovers that half a dozen guys have cum her!

CFNM Bukkake movies are an unusual sight but there’s something extremely raunchy about a beautifully prepared female being soaked in cumshot after cumshot until she looks like a gooey mess. PureCFNM has shot some other CFNM Bukkake films like this one, click here to see them now.

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