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Crystel Leis Needle Pain

Blonde Slave in Needle Pain at The Pain Files – Hardcore S&M Movies

British blonde pornstar and fetish painslut Crystel Lei in severe needle pain and tearful torments. The kinky blonde has play piercing needles in her tits and pussy. Crystel Lei is ordered to carefully remove all theneedles from her body herself. The perverted pornstar struggles with the pain of each needle leaving her precious skin but obediently carries out the task.

Crystel Lei has tears in her eyes as she convinces herself to do each painful removal of a play piercing needle from her sexy pussy and tormented boobs and nipples. She screams but carries out the task as ordered. Extreme S&M Full Length Video: The Circle. Featuring British BDSM Pornstar Crystel Lei. Full Length Video of Crystel Lei in severe needle pain and torments to tears available for download in high resolution at The Pain Files – Intense SADO Videos

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Malcolm Gets Teased

Cross Dressers

Malcolm was out touring town while he waited to meet up his daughter for lunch but when she called and said that she had an important client show up and bumped lunch to dinner he was left to tour town all on his own. As he walked around he felt sort of strange looking around on his own until he ran in to two ladies who offered to show him a few sights. Little did Malcolm know that a few sights would turn in to a couple of cocks!

The ladies didn’t look like real ladies to Malcolm but he wasn’t bothered by it, he’d always thought crossdressers were sort of taboo but the very fact that it was taboo turned him on more than anything. After a quick look around town th egirls invited Malcolm back to their apartment for a nice lunch and being rather turned on anyway Malcolm went back to their place with them and hoped and prayed that he’d get treated to something more than a sandwich. Soon enough he found himself laying on the couch as the ladies rubbed their chunky naked sausages all over his bare chest and naked boner!

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Sam Gets Tricked

Studs Fun

Sam was relatively new to the tech company he was working for but so far he really liked the job. He got to wear his jeans on the job and he got to pay calls to some really sexy and fuck addicted women who were stranded at home and needed his help getting their computers up and running. His first week he’d come home with three horny women’s telephone numbers and had been chased out of one house by an angry husband already! Then at the beginning of this week things took a hot strange turn.

Sam answered a call and when he got to the condo he found two women waiting for him outside the door. They escourted him in to the condo and started pulling at his belt and caressing his stomach and Sam couldn’t help but caress his hand over their nodules. Then he noticed something strange, he noticed stubble and their breasts felt strange but by the time he realized that they were horny cross dressing babes he was already throbbing and his ramrod ached for some kind of action. The gals were more than willing to help him as they teased his dick through his jeans!

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The summer pissing

It is so good during the summer! It is possible to walk around not wearing panties. If a girl wants to piss she can just hide behind the nearest brushes and piss there. She even do not need to find a toilet paper as she always has fresh green leaves at her disposal. So Valeria just could not help but use all these advantages of this beautiful time of a year. And nature sounds has been complemented by a golden piss stream murmurs..

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Natalie Smoking Rod

Dirty Smokers

Natalie was taking a smoke break at work, it’d been a long day already and she was just ready to go back home and crawl in to bed with a good book. As she stook upon the roof one of her co-workers watched her smoking from across the way and finally Natalie walked over and asked him what he was looking at. He kept watching her and said he was sorry but he thought smoking women were so gorgeous. Natalie looked down at his knob and saw how excited he really was, she flashed him a smile and told him if he took a sick day she would too and they could meet back at her place. He couldn’t get down to his office fast enough to pack up.

Back at Natalie’s place she was soon kneeling on the couch with her perky mambos out and a smoking cigarette in her hand. Her newest fuck buddy was standing on the couch with his dick in her mouth. Natalie would take a drag off the cigarette and then blow smoke on his hard cock and it made his dick twitch. The soft smoke on his penis made him want to sperm.

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Lynn Gets Double Drilled

Crazy DP

Lynn has always been pretty crazy in bed but when she went to a bar the night after breaking up with her boyfriend she had no idea that she’d get as crazy as she did that night! Things were going well as she was hitting on a marvelous young boy, he was a good three years younger than her but he’d been in the military and Lynn had always had a thing for military dudes. Then things got even more interesting when the guys friend came over and started hitting on her too. Soon things were going back and forth between the three of them and Lynn was getting wetter by the second. Finally she just couldn’t help but invite them both back to her place.

As soon as they got back Lynn flashed her vagina to both fellows and as soon as they saw her wet dripping vagina the dropped their pants and each tried to shove their sausages in her mouth at once! Lynn told them there was plenty of her to go around and after taking turns sucking their fuck tools she decided to take things to the next level. Sliding one chubby penis inside her vagina she told her other new friend to shove his dick in her ass!

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Sadistic Whipping

Intense sado masochistic spanking of fetish sub Emma to tears at The Pain Files. The british slavegirl has her tits securely chained with plastic straps before being punished mercilessly to tears by her master in the dungeon.

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Bizarre sado breast spanking and humiliation to tears of kinky submissive Emma. The pain craving sub endures breast enslaved tit torments and degrading spanking. Slavegirl Emma has her breasts confined with plastic straps, humiliating remarks written on her body, beer poured in her pussy and her ass severely spanked.

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Blonde Slave Gets Vagina Clamped

Bizarre Experienced Club

Jasmine walked behind him through the rough dry grass that was whipping her chained ankles. Her hands and her feet were both shackled together and she was having a hard time keeping up with him as he walked ahead of her giving her just enough slack on her leash to be able to walk a few feet behind. She felt the nifty breeze blowing through her sheer long shirt and it made her nipples hard as the soft material brushed against her breasts. As she was thinking about her slit getting slick from her hard nipples he came to a standstill in front of her.

He told her to kneel down and she did as she was told. As she knelt down he lifted her shirt and teased her hard nipples. When her nipples were hard enough for him he pulled out a pair of nipple clamps and clamped them on to her nipples. It felt good but it hurt so bad that she couldn’t help but shout out and as she shouted out he pulled out his cookie clamps as well and spreading her pussy lips he clamped the silver clips on to her pink flaps and pulled out his sausage!

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Young Fetish Cutie Lydia Lashes Caring for her Sexy Feet

Lydia Lashes glorious white and red rubber bikini number here is the perfect compliment to her raven hair, perfect body and gorgeous face in this Amelia G & Forrest Black RubberDolllies shoot. A body like that doesn’t need compliments, though, so even better when the bikini comes off.

Rubber Kink and Foot Fetish

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Frank Gets Drilled

The Cross Dressers

Frank was over at his friend’s house, they were all partying beautiful hard and things were getting sort of out of control. Things only got worse the more the dudes drank but they just couldn’t help themselves and then things got just about as bad as they could get. Frank’s buddies gave him four shots one after the other and pretty soon he was so drunk he could barely stand up right. His buddies decided it was the consummate time to really fuck with him and going in to one of the closets they pulled out one of Dave’s girlfriends nighties and told Frank to wear it for them.

Frank was so far gone that he stripped off right there and put it on. Soon enough his cock was hard after the soft material massaging against it and as the other guys watched him dancing around in his frilly lingerie they couldn’t help but want to penetrate him. As drunk as they were they all could still get it up and Frank still had no idea what he was doing but as he bent down on the sofa Dave rubbed his ramrod against Frank’s ass and things just got crazy from there!

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