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Food Humiliation

Crystel Lei tormented and humiliated at: The Pain Files


Blonde masochist Crystel Lei is ordered to eat vile food in the dungeon and when hesitating punished with the electric flyswat and cattleprod by her master. The slave thrives on wild and outragious experiences and couragously overcomes the humiliating and painful challenge with excellence.

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The SADO Club

The SADO Club
On stage domination in the secret BDSM society club 

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Slavegirl Lene

Suspension Bondage and Intense Pain. The sub is hung by her feet and whipped. She has hotwax dripped down into her pussy. Back on the floor her breasts are tormented with clamps and hard weight.

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Oriental Caning

Exotic Masochist Michikos Caning at The Pain Files

Asiatic slavegirl Michikos strapped down to the devious bondage device. Her ass exposes dangerously to her tormentor, that is about to punish her for her disobedience. The bound asiatic submissive is tormented by severe punishment and caning.

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The pretty asian is chained down in the devious bondage device and enduring a painful caning on her striped bottom. To see more of Painslut Michiko visit The Pain Files – Intense SADO and Pain

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Sadistic Whipping

Intense sado masochistic spanking of fetish sub Emma to tears at The Pain Files. The british slavegirl has her tits securely chained with plastic straps before being punished mercilessly to tears by her master in the dungeon.

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Bizarre sado breast spanking and humiliation to tears of kinky submissive Emma. The pain craving sub endures breast enslaved tit torments and degrading spanking. Slavegirl Emma has her breasts confined with plastic straps, humiliating remarks written on her body, beer poured in her pussy and her ass severely spanked.

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Lesbian Needle Pain

Featuring Masochist Crystel Lei and Domina Chaos at The Pain Files
Lesbian SADO Slavegirls Humiliation and Needle Pain in the hands of a vicious femdom mistress

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Masochist Crystel in intense lesbian needle pain and humiliation by her mistress fetish domina. Mistress Chaos spits in her mouth and covers Crystel Leis tender boobs in painful piercing needles.

Crystel Lei in Needle Pain at The Pain Files

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Two Hotties Are Pissed Off With Small Dick Gift From Santa

Duncan dresses up as Santa Claus to impress his girlfriend but she is really upset with the small present he gives her. She says she is fed up of small packages and was hoping for something big this Christmas. Her friend Laura realises what she is talking about and asks if she can see it so Kaicee drops Duncan’s trousers and reveals to Laura the smallest penis she has ever seen in her entire life. “Oh my god, you actually have no dick at all,” she says in shock. Kaicee tells her that even when he gets stiff they can still play a game called “hide the tiny sausage” with his puny. The women start trying to masturbate his small willy to get it erect and it soon has an effect as the one inch dick reaches a full three inches – which makes Laura laugh even more. “This is his dick at full length?” she says in amazement but more fun is to come as he starts spunking as they [[wank|jerk|play with|stroke] him and his load is simply pathetic.

Our girls want huge but all you boys seem to be baby dicked little tossers – all that is left is for the ladies to humiliate your worthless asses! Get your stupid little dick over to Hey Little Dick now and see how the girls are laughing at stubby cocked boys like you.

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Tracys SADO Debut

Bondage and S/M Slavegirl Tracy in breast bondage and tit torments. Tracy is the newest slave proudly presented by The Pain Files

Kinky bdsm maso female slave Tracy in breast bondage and tit torments with clamps on her nipples and hotwax on her big tits. Tracy is fresh to the world of BD/SM but eager to learn about the pleasures of pain and being trained as a real lifestyle slave girl. Tracys big breasts are confined up for punishments. Her nipples and breasts are painfully pegge. Her master pours candle cute wax all over her big breasts and nipples making the painslut squirm in pain

Follow Tracy in her adventures to train as a devoted slave of her master. She endures merciless bondage, tit torments and a variety of other evil and sexual punishments on her innocent body – as well as psychological obedience masochist training. Full length SADO video available of sub Tracy, exclusive SADOMASOCHISM debut at The Pain Files for Download in
high resolution and packed with severe S&M action.

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Male Stripper Only Makes The Girls Laugh When He Undresses

It’s Krystal’s birthday and her friend Donna has booked a male stripper to drop by and give them some fun. Krystal is looking forward to a gym-toned big-cocked stud but when he turns up and starts undressing she is very let down and tells him her younger brother has bigger muscles.
The guy still strips off and the girls burst out laughing when they see the size of his baby cock. Neither of them have seen anything so small in their lives and start prodding it and asking him whether he is embarrassed about his penis. The stripper says it grows a lot bigger but the girls doubt it and flash their boobs and stroke his willy to see if it’s true but as he reached his laughable full length and then spunks a small puddle of cum, the girls giggle and mock him more than ever.

You need a huge dick to be a stripper – don’t you dare get your penis out in front of these women unless it is VERY big. Otherwise they will rip you to pieces like this guy. If you like seeing women embarrassing little penis losers, then click here for more from Hey Little Dick.

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Bizarre Food Humiliation

Masochist Nimue in severe humiliation and degrading food smearing punishments at The Pain Files

Bizarre food humiliation and veggie insertion whipping of sub Nimue. The darkhaired 24/7 sado slave earns a humiliating whipping for messing up dinner. Nimue is entirely covered in foul food and has nasty goo smeared in her face, veggies are as dildos on her and to make matters worse she is caned, prodded and poked. See more at The Pain Files

Pure spiteful humiliation of a deserving submissive

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Pain in the Barn

The Pain Files Presents: Pain in the Barn

The full length video of painslut Nimues torments and tears is available in highres quality for download at the headquarters of severe SM and Pain:
The Pain Files

Bound and Punish at The Pain Files

Starring Painslut Nimue – a brunette english painslut Nimue bound up in the barn. The innocent british sub screams as her tits and nipples are severely tormented with painful biting clamps. Kinky fetish slavegirls painful confined tit spanking and yelling sm nipple torment session

Slavegirl Nimue Tormented at The Pain Files

From the full length video: “Pain, Pleasure and Obedience”. Genuine English Masochist in Pain She is bound and tormented to tears Clamped and Whipped mercilessly Rewarded a painful yelling orgasm Pure Pleasure and Pain for Masochist Nimue.

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