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Giggling Ladies Give Small Cock A Good Sucking

When council officials Emma and Krystal turn up at Jon’s house to find out why there has been so many banging noises recently, they find him decorating. He is cheeky to them and the girls decide to teach him some respect. At over 6 foot Emma towers over the little man and when Krystal sees what small hands he has, the ladies laugh about how his penis must be tiny too. Jon wants to prove them wrong so he strips off but this only makes the girls laugh hysterically when they see his little dick. Emma says she wouldn’t give his dick one out of ten, let alone ten out of ten. She orders him to stick out his tongue and they laugh at the fact that is small as well. “How on earth can you ever satisfy a woman?” they taunt him. Emma even gives him a blowjob to see if his dick gets any bigger. It doesn’t grow but it does get harder and he soon jizzes all over the floor making the ladies giggle even more.

He thought he would impress them with his willy size but he didn’t. Don’t get your willy out in front of our girls unless you are REALLY big or they will tear you to pieces. If it’s not a snake in your trousers, expect to get humiliated and teased. If you enjoy this sort of humiliation, get your useless ass over to Hey Little Dick immediately to see more scenes like this one.

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Rapper Gets Stripped By Four Women Then A Penis Milking

Rappers Trousers from PureCFNM

Jessy has brought her new boyfriend home to meet her three friends but when he walks in it is apparent he is a gangster rapper wannabe. He has the baseball cap, massive jewellery and trousers halfway down showing his boxer shorts. The girls are not impressed at all and mock him about his trousers. Watch the trailer here to see what happens when he tries to respond and Angel leans forward and yanks his trousers down to explain to him why normal people don’t wear them like that. With his trousers round his ankles the ladies suddenly become more interested in the large mound in his shorts and so they decide to tug them down as well! The rapper is shocked but Jessy proudly shows his penis off to her friends before making him sit down between them so they can all have a good grope. As they start stroking his huge cock he gets more and more turned on until he spunks all over the place.

PureCFNM is all about gorgeous everyday women ganging up and using their strength in numbers to strip and wank innocent guys until they cum. If you like watching groups of girls using guys as their sex toys then you will love PureCFNM. Watch more of their scenes here.

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Kylee Kross: Down and Dirty!

We were digging through our computers and found some dirty pictures of Kylee! I don’t know why we never shared these with you; she is playing around in her backyard…just enjoying the sun…getting…uhm…”down and dirty” in more ways than one. Even us ohhhhh-so punk rock porn girls have our nude hippie moments every once in awhile.


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Nude Man Is Sold Off To Rich Society Women

Male Auction from PureCFNM

Pippa is well known for her high roller auctions at which hunky guys are sold off to wealthy women. Today, seven wealthy socialites have gathered to view her most recent offering. Watch the trailer here to watch what happens as Pippa brings Justin in the women appear to approve but quickly wish to see him in the nude. He is told to take his clothes off and Pippa then shows him round the room by his cock, permitting every woman a good examination and grope. As the bidding begins it soon deteriorates a battle between Jess and Ayla who jerk and suck his cock to “check the goods”. As Justin shoots to the amusement of the watching girls, Ayla claims she has won – but Pippa decides he is so sexy she is keeping him herself and takes him off to ride him!

It's not nice to be treated like a commodity – unless you are standing with your penis out at one of Pippa’s bidding parties – at which point you just hope a sexy girl buys you! If you like seeing gorgeous babes using naked boys like their private sex toys, click here to see more from PureCFNM.

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Women Giggle And Wonder If He Can Actually Wank His Small Penis

When Laura’s delivery arrives it is the wrong one as she ordered a different dildo from the mail order company. The messenger boy says it’s not his fault but jokes that he has something bigger in his pants which might sort her out. The girls don’t believe him and tell him to show them but when they undress him all they find is a little excuse for a cock. “Can you actually wank that thing?” asks Laura giggling at him. The two women have a go and only need two fingers to jerk his small cock. They tell him he is pretty worthless and would never be able to give them an orgasm with that tiny thing. Laura puts the dildo next to his penis and they laugh hysterically at how little the cock is compared to the sex toy. The girls carry on wanking his willy and as they giggle and abuse him they position him over the box and make him cum into it as a “gift” for the company for sending the wrong items.

Men with little penises should keep them in their trousers and well hidden – because if our ladies see your dick and it’s not huge you are in for a bad time. They will mock you, laugh at you and tell you about all the well hung guys they have been with to make you feel inadequate. If you’re a little cock wanker who would like this then head over to Hey Little Dick for more videos like this one.

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Two Hotties Fuck Boy’s Ass And Jerk Him For Chatting Them Up

Simone and Winnie have had a new couch delivered but it isn't the correct one. They ring the furniture shop who send a guy round to collect it. Unfortunately, when he gets there he takes a liking to Simone and tries to get into her knickers. Simone decides to turn the tables and the women strip him before bending him over the couch and taking strapons to his asshole! The guy asks them to stop but the girls carry on fucking him, asking him what he thinks of their sofa now. They pound his ass in a number of different positions and he has an erection the whole time so they decide to stroke it and soon he is exploding all over the place while they are still fucking him.

Groups of gorgeous women ganging up to strip and violate guys – that’s what you will get at Girls Abuse Guys. If you love watching boys getting used as sex toys by ladies then you need to click here to view more of their films.

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Innocent Girl In Red Bondage

Innocent Chick In Red Bondage

She looks so sweet and innocent, but this blonde teen has a very kinky fetish. Not many peple get to see her secret fetish, but today she shares it with us. Check out these photos and see her getting very naughty. How many girls her age do you know that like to be tied and bound up? She’s the only that I’ve ever seen!

It all started because she had an older lover who was really into bondage. She’d spend hours all tied up getting her slit fucked and her mouth stuffed. But now, even though they’re broken up she continues her naughty fantasies. She likes to be tied up so that she can’t move anything besides her hands. She likes to have her hands free so that she can use a sextoy or sex toy to satisfy her sexual urges.

Satisfy your fetish at Bondage Here.

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Boy Is Found Stroking And Forcibly Milked By Four Women

Leave Me Alone from PureCFNM

Nathan has snuck down to the basement to enjoy some alone time with his penis. Unfortunately he has just started stroking it when Wendy walks down the stairs and catches him! She is shocked but soon wants to join in and penis. Watch the trailer here to see what happens when the racket brings Chloe running and she decides to join in too! Poor Nathan only wanted to play on his own but first Hannah and then Jan also come downstairs when they hear all the commotion. He soon has all four women fighting to have a turn at stroking his large cock. He attempts to take over but they push him away and as Wendy strokes his penis he erupts all over her hands.

PureCFNM is where the girls are in control and the men are their naked sex toys. Stunning women stripping men naked so they can help themselves to their dicks. This is the fantasy land every guy has dreamt about where the roles are switched and men are pursued for their sexuality. Click here to see more of their videos.

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Asa Akira, Evelyn Lin and Natali Demore

Asa Akira bring Evelyn Lin in for shoplifting and proceeds with a full strip search and cavity search. She finds drugs hidden in her panties and decides to pocket the evidence for herself. Natali catches her on the security camera and handcuffs her and decides the best way to deal with this situation is to give Asa a full strip and cavity search including fingering her ass hole. She then gets both girls up on the desk for a 69 pussy licking. See what happens next time! (31 mins. video)

Check out this gallery from Bondage Orgasms…

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Artist’s Model Develops Embarrassing Boner And Is Then Milked In Front Of All Girls Class

Unwanted Erection from PureCFNM

The women are ready for their usual drawing session but in this lesson they have a male artist's model to sketch. As soon as he takes off his dressing gown the girls all chuckle as they look at his manhood. As the tutor goes round looking at their drawings they take it in turns to taunt him by lifting their skirts and letting him see their boobs. Watch the trailer here to see what occurs when this fast creates an unwanted hard-on and when the tutor realizes this she gets very annoyed. She invites the girls to gather round and look at his manhood up close and she also begins stroking it so they can paint it full size. Jess asks if she can have a go and it's not long before both females are stroking his package until he shoots out a giant ejaculation, wave after wave flowing out to entertain the chuckling ladies!

This buy might have been humiliated with all those ladies staring at him as he developed a boner – but he obviously looked to enjoy himself if the volume of his explosion is anything to judge by! Oh my god, an incredible amount of spunk shooting out of his penis, no wonder the babes liked his show! If you love seeing females having fun with naked males and then forcing them to blow their loads for their amusement, click here to see more from PureCFNM, the worldwide front runners in the Clothed Female Naked Male genre.

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